• Affordable - Our low cost, high quality training is the best online solution to meeting these new requirements
  • Savings - online training means no travel necessary
  • Environmental - no hazardous waste generation
  • Safe - safety precautions of PPE are no longer necessary
  • Convenient - with just an Internet connection, learn anywhere at any time
  • Easy to use - set up similar to a slide show, a few mouse clicks is all it takes to navigate through the units
  • Self-directed - learn at your own pace
  • Consistent - all employee's are taught the same skills

Online Training

Spray application training is a very important, but often overlooked, aspect of the coatings industry. It takes knowledge and skill to effectively spray coatings.

The online portion of this training package allows you to go through three detailed units at your own convenience. You control how fast you go through the slides. You decide when to move on to the next unit. No set lectures or written exams required.

The units are presented to provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you setup equipment, properly spray techniques, and maintaining your equipment.

The course uses an easy-to-use slideshow format for each unit containing the information you need to know, demonstration videos, and a short quiz at the end to validate what you learned in that unit. There are 4 attachments in the training that contain information on paint mixing, paint defects, and safety precautions.

Being a certified painter shows you are invested in improving your skills, not only for yourself but for your company as well. Aside from that, it also means you have been trained meeting the EPA's training requirements!

To learn more about each unit, please click below for detailed information:

Unit 1: Spray Equipment and Setup
Unit 2: Spray Technique
Unit 3: Booth and Filter Maintenance

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